Longitudinal Analytics
of Web Archive Data


TempWeb 2013 Roundup

The 3rd Temporal Web Analytics Workshop (TempWeb 2013) was successfully staged in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on May 13, 2013.

On May 13, 2013 the LAWA consortium successfully staged the 3rd Temporal Web Analytics Workshop (TempWeb 2013) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Again, the workshop was organized in conjunction with the international World Wide Web conference. The workshop attracted around 40 participants throughout the entire day.

After a short introduction, the workshop began with an exciting keynote by Omar Alonso (Microsoft Bing, USA) on “Stuff happens continuously: exploring Web contents with temporal information”. The talk covered the entire spectrum of
temporal Web analytics including time in document collections, social data and exploring the Web using time. The keynote showed again the relevance of the topic and the perfect alignment with the World Wide Web conference.

TempWeb 2013 Keynote

The scientific presentation then were separaetd into three sessions (Papers are available from the WWW companion edition published by ACM):

Web Archiving
Miguel Costa, Daniel Gomes and Mário J. Silva: “A Survey of Web Archive Search Architectures”
Ahmed Alsum, Michael L. Nelson, Robert Sanderson and Herbert Van de Sompel: “Archival HTTP Redirection Retrieval Policies”
Daniel Gomes, Miguel Costa, David Cruz, João Miranda and Simão Fontes: “Creating a Billion-Scale Searchable Web Archive”

Identifying and leveraging time information
Julia Kiseleva, Hoang Thanh Lam, Mykola Pechenizkiy and Toon Calders: “Predicting temporal hidden contexts in web sessions”
Hany Salaheldeen and Michael Nelson: “Carbon Dating The Web: Estimating the Age of Web Resources”
Omar Alonso and Kyle Shiells: “Timelines as Summaries of Popular Scheduled Events”

TempWeb 2013 Audience

Lucas Miranda, Rodrygo Santos and Alberto Laender: “Characterizing Video Access Patterns in Mainstream Media Portals”
Laura Elisa Celis, Koustuv Dasgupta and Vaibhav Rajan: “Adaptive Crowdsourcing for Temporal Crowds”
Hideo Joho, Adam Jatowt and Roi Blanco: “A Survey of Temporal Web Search Experience”

All talks were of high quality and the discussions were lively. From the workshop’s third edition it became clear that LAWA covers a hot topic, which is worth being investigated in conjunction with the World Wide Web conference series. As a next step, we are planning to work on a special issue to be published in a journal. So, stay tuned!