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On Temporal Wikipedia search by edits and linkage

The paper "On Temporal Wikipedia search by edits and linkage" by Julianna Göbölös-Szabó and András Benczúr has been accepted for the Workshop on Time-aware Information Access (TAIA2013) in conjunction with SIGIR 2013.

We exploit the connectivity structure of edits in Wikipedia to identify recent events that happened at a given time via identifying bursty changes in linked articles around a specified date. Our key results include algorithms for node relevance ranking in temporal subgraph and neighborhood selection based on measurements for structural changes in time over the Wikipedia link graph. We measure our algorithms over manually annotated queries with relevant events in September and October 2011; we make the assessment publicly available (https://dms.sztaki.hu/en/download/wimmut-searching-and-navigating-wikipedia). While our methods were tested over clean Wikipedia metadata, we believe the methods are applicable to general temporal Web collections as well.

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